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Rough sawn appearance.

Dry before treatment to prevent twisting.

Treated to CCA H4 for in ground use.

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Treated to CCA H4 for in ground use. All poles are peeled and barked. All poles have a slight taper with the pole size determined by the diameter of the small end.

Applications: most commonly used for boundary fences, sleepers, landscaping, garden edging and boxes.

ABOUT TANALISED TREATED PINE. Yes Tanalsed treated pine is safe to use. The preservative chemicals are toxic to insects and fungi, which is, of course, their purpose. Provided the common sense precautions are observed, preservative chemicals do not present a hazard to humans when fixed in the dried timber. Sometimes a white powder will appear on the surface of the timber. This is nostly sodium, solphate, a harmless substance which, if necessary, can simply be brushed or hosed off.

The Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority have directed that from March 2006, CCA (Tanalised


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